Working on my working holiday visa

I have a love/hate relationship with planning. I planned so many details to leave Banff, visit South Africa and move to Australia but then it all fell apart. Originally I was going to drive home to Vancouver, have 3 weeks then fly out. But my car died. And if I wait till end of April, I’ll receive a 1 year bonus from my job. 

But I’ve started planning again. I told myself I wouldn’t plan this adventure. That I want to fly by the seat of my pants and see where I land. And in a way I still am. I have my flights to and from South Africa, I have places to stay when I first land in Brisbane but I don’t have a job, or a place to live. 

This will be the most outside my comfort zone I’ve ever pushed myself. I’ve never not had job stability and while I’m positive I’ll always be able to find a job, it’s a new country. I’ve never had to set up a phone contract, I don’t know the equivalent to a SIN number, how does health care work? 

There’s so many unknowns in my immediate future. I’m not quite sure if the butterflies in my stomach are saying I’m terrified or over the moon excited. Either way, I’ve set myself up to be in Australia by May 2017. This is the year for adventure.