X Fest Calgary

I was given the long weekend off. I work in hospitality, making this an unheard of statement. The main problem was no one else had the long weekend off. I checked in with a couple friends from BC to see if anyone would be wine touring for the long weekend but pretty much everyone was staying home. I didn’t want to waste 3 days off doing nothing, but my attempts at planning a Saskatchewan road trip were getting me no where, there wasn’t anything that jumped out at me as a must see. Luckily, I have a roommate who has quickly become my person.

When I told her I had the long weekend off she didn’t hesitate in asking me to go to X Fest in Calgary with her. I didn’t know if she’d get the days off but quickly became excited at the idea of a weekend away, listening to The Lumineers, Arkells, July Talk and Twenty One Pilots. Sure enough, her manager pulled through and Saturday morning we headed out for the hostel. I may have broken my phone on Saturday so unfortunately I have no photos to show from the weekend but that won’t make it any less epic in my memory.

This was one of those weekend I’ll always remember. Sure enough, checking into the HI proved no problem. The festival was 2 blocks away, open air style. Sunday was Calgary’s Pride Parade. We did it all. We stayed both nights till the end, obviously no one wants to miss the headliners. The Lumineers were beautiful and I cried. A friend had warned me not to miss the performance by Arkells as they are his favourite live band to watch perform. And I got to say, I was not disappointed. The energy from the performers was out of this world. From singing lyrics I didn’t actually know at the top of my lungs, to laughing along at the jokes and crying at the beauty that is live music.

There’s a head statue in Calgary. I’ve always driven by it and thought, I need a picture of that. My favourite statue is in Canmore, it’s also a head statue but this one is made of stone. So having my person with me worked out wonderfully as she didn’t even question my desire to finally go to this statue. Turns out its made of metal rungs, which are extremely easy to climb, and you can walk inside the head. Sure enough after double checking security wasn’t watching I climbed up into the chin of this massive head and sat for a moment. It hit me like a welcome wave. I am generally excited about life. I don’t know what’s to come of the next 6 months. A lot of people will be moving on from Banff, the cold front is already starting and the mountains are being sprinkled with snow as we speak. Yet, I have friends returning for their second winter season, I will get the chance to meet all the new mountain seekers, I’m going to have a go at being a server.

There’s nothing screaming extreme excitement, other than Australia, and yet I’m euphoric. I want to start running. I want to try serial dating, leaving a string of broken hearts in my wake. I want to read a really good book. And I can’t wait because this is just the beginning. My life has finally started.


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