My 1st Solo Road Trip

I have been working 6 day weeks since the middle of July. I had 4 days off to go home for a wedding and other than that it’s been work work work work work. But I don’t really mind. Last year, my position in Waterton had a contract where we worked 6 day weeks the entire summer, so the transition didn’t affect me. A few weeks ago, I had planned to return to the hidden town of Waterton but had my heart broken when my car died. So I arranged with my manager to have a morning-day off-evening scheduled so that I could fulfil my plans of a solo road trip.

It’s weird to drive 4 hours by yourself. The drive from Banff to Waterton is uneventful but easy. Mostly single lanes with a speed limit of 100 the whole way. I’ve recently started a Google Play trial so I was excited at all the new songs I’d added to my phone to listen to. I can’t say I had any major self reflections on the drive. I’ve been at the same point for a while where I’m happy waiting for the next “one”. I have a tendency to date 4’s when we all know I can do better; them, me and any one on looking. I think I need to wait till at least a 7 comes along before I retry that whole relationship thing. I’m craving a mans man. Someone who knows what he wants and is going to go for it, fight for me. Not physically start fights in the bar because of a creep who can’t keep his hands to himself but put in the work that a relationship requires.

Waterton. This town hasn’t changed one bit. Liquor store Jeff is still as hot as they come, Bayshore staff still hate their lives, Pats boys know all the gossip and by the end of the summer, everyone is an eskimo brother/sister for sleeping with the same people, repeatedly. Don’t get me wrong, Banff is much the same. Waterton is just so much more…condensed. I’m sad to say I didn’t get to paddle board like I’d dream since the weather didn’t work out for me, I didn’t hike since sleep didn’t really happen either. There was an incredibly easy access to substances that I don’t recall from last year, but it could be the girls I was friends with last year just weren’t into that scene.

I’m not sad that I didn’t go back. The hotels all seem to be struggling to stay a float. I love having a kitchen in my staff accom even if the rates are $200 more per month, the pay is higher anyways. I loved seeing the faces though. I had a wonderful conversation at the bar about boys and how they’re never worth the struggle. One girl regretted her decision to go back, said that too much of a good thing never works out. Everyone also asked about the girl I dated for 7 months and what a wreck she is as a human. She then commented on a photo I’d been tagged in, I wish she’d take a hint that she was a mistake in my life. One that has been blacked out from the majority of my memories.

I’m craving another adventure though. I’ve been trying to research Saskatchewan towns, anything that stands out there seeing as I’m about to have 3 days off in a row. It’s hard since I haven’t found anyone blogging about road tripping Sask. Growing up in BC, it wasn’t really a province anyone visited. I also started researching an overnight hike in the Jasper area, to the Valley of a Thousand Falls. Obviously that’s right up my alley, pretty much I saw a photo of Emperor Falls and can’t stop thinking about it. But I’ve never done an overnight hike, so going alone for my first one is a little daunting.

I’m not sure what will happen next weekend. Maybe I’ll go to Calgary and visit my friend. Maybe I’ll end up back in Waterton. All I know is I’m going to make the best of the end of this summer sun.


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