Chasing Waterfalls

Funnily enough, my muse wrote a piece about how off topic his blog had become and I realized that the exact same thing was true for me. I started this to discuss travel. If you look back 2 years at this time I was flying solo around Europe and documenting it here. Lately, I’ve been caught up in the whirlwind that is falling in love and nothing else has matter in my mind. But I want to stay on track, as I gear up to move across the world in 8 months, fingers crossed, I want to get back into travel writing.

So I set a goal, as you do. My goal is to find as many waterfalls as I can this summer. I’m a sucker for the falling water, a side effect of growing up ten minutes away from Cliff Falls. Nothing is as grounding, calming or soothing as the pounding water next to you as you just sit and enjoy your surroundings on a summer day. So far I’ve visited 5 in the Bow Valley area, and have 2 more on my list to see. While I’m focusing on the Bow Valley and Kananaskis areas, there are a few that are day trips that I have as must sees on my list.

I have to mention Cascade Falls as I will probably be frequenting that one the most. It’s about 20 minutes, mostly uphill, from the parking lot. What I like is that you can see your destination the entire way to the falls, and then you’re rewarded with a cliff edge right next to the falls overlooking Banff. You have a beautiful view of Rundle Mt. and could claim hiking Cascade, the biggest mountain in Banff. Tomorrow I hope to visit Troll Falls, depending on if Night Audit kills me or not, but only time will tell, and the pictures I’ll be posting all summer long.


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