Have you ever read someone’s blog, or looked through their Instagram feed and thought, I want to meet this person? How the way someone describes their day grabs you and pulls you in. You want to know more, how they came to the sentence, what movies or song lyrics influenced their vocabulary and writing style. Or what they were thinking as they took the shot. Are they like me who takes two pictures but doesn’t check them because “you can’t force perfection.” Which is just my way to avoid stressing over the perfect picture, if it happens, it happens. Que sera, sera. 

It’s a rare but beautiful occurance that should never be taken for granted. But it’s hard. I’ve had five minute conversations in the bar bathroom or 10 minute conversations with a make up artist and thought, can I ask for her number? Can I say let’s be friends, you’re awesome? I just want to get coffee and keep you in my life because you make me happy. I have a fear they’ll think I’m crazy or trying to pick them up, I’m not sure which makes me more uncomfortable. 

Maybe this is a personal goal I need to make, to not let soul companions slip through the cracks. There’s been 3 in the last six months. One left town but I’m hoping to see on a quick trip home in the summer. Another one has been kind of floating on the edge of my life for a few months but now I’m thinking I should reel him in. And then there’s a new one. He has opened my eyes and I want him. Not in a sexual way, I just want to know more. All of him, what makes a clock tock? Why are you who you are and does it say anything about who I am? We shall see what we shall see. 


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