Win a trip to see the Northern Lights

A company named Transun is running a competition to win a trip for two to see the Northern Lights. All you have to do is write your top 3 bucket list items and submit it by April 30th. So in light of trying to write more post here are my current top 3 trips on my bucket list:


Ireland is definitely number one on my list and also very achievable starting next year when I’ll be living in London. I’m not really sure what it is about the country but I want to see it all. I’ve heard that Cork is an amazing city, I would obviously go to Dublin, the capital, then Galway and the Giants causeway. 

  You can see that I’m rambling already about my desires to be in this country ASAP. I want to hear the difference in the accents as I travel around the country as well as learn to mimic them. I want to see if it does compare to Canada in natural beauty. And most of all I want to explore an abandoned castle. I can not wait to check this off my list in 2016. 
Scuba dive in the Great Blue Hole:

Belize itself along with the rest of Central America are pretty high up on my list. Everyone seems to be talking about Peru, Brazil or Argentina right now but I’m digging the smaller countries of Guatemala, Honduras and Belize. I’ve never been scuba diving but I feel a global wonder like a massive hole in the ocean is a pretty good reason to try. 

  If you haven’t heard of it, the Great Blue Hole is a giant sinkhole off the coast of Belize in the middle of Lighthouse Reef. It’s a Unesco Hertiage site as well as on Discovery Channels list of “Top 10 most amazing places on Earth.” There’s also underwater caves to explore, clearly a bonus. 
White Water Rafting

 When I was younger my family planned a day trip to go rafting up near Lilooet but an accident in a tunnel ended up closing the highway and we never rescheduled. It’s just one of those summer thrills I’m dying to experience. Hopefully this year as I’m living in the Rocky Mountains, it will finally come true. Especially since I’ve recently bought a GoPro, I’m looking for any kind of water activities to test my new camera. 

Pictures were found on Google:

Giants Causeway

Great Blue Hole

Feel free to follow my Instagram for updates on my world travels and I’d love to get some comments on other peoples top 3!


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