The Actual Hard Part to Traveling

There’s been a blog post circulating on Facebook about how coming home is the hardest part of traveling. And while I don’t disagree that coming to those last few weeks or days is unsettling it’s not the worst. Sure I’ve loved not having to wake up at a certain time and go to work, not having to pay for gas and car insurance or deal with all the drama that happens in summer. But that doesn’t make having to go back unbearable. The worst is the thought of having to find a job since I quit everything to leave. But I’ve done it before and this time probably won’t be the last.

I’m actually quite excited to return. Even though I know I love Europe with all my heart and Canada will not be my final resting place, it’s still home for now. I want to see my best friends and grandparents. I want to share my stories of where I’ve been and what I’ve seen. I can write about it all I want on here, but it’s not the same as having a friend in front of you asking you questions. I even read a blog post on why returning is someone’s favorite part if traveling. They talked about Love Actually and how wonderful it is to walk out of the airport and see your loved one/s.

No the part I hate about backpacking has been the goodbyes. You meet all these wonderful people who change a part of you, but you’re only together for so long. And sure I could change my plans and follow these new friends but this trip is for what I want to see. I’ll miss them but I don’t want to restrict myself to someone else’s schedule. Otherwise I would’ve brought a friend with me.

There’s been 3 different times in my 2 months that I’ve wanted to change everything and follow, the first was in Belgium. I met 3 boys from Winnipeg, poor boys. But I ended up spending the day talking away with them. We did a walking tour, lunch then a beer tour. Followed by birthday drinks for me with an absinthe shot thrown in there. 2 am Greek food was for sure the highlight of the night. Just hanging out and eating bad food 4 hours before I had to leave for a train. But while they went south, I went north east. I at least can hope to see them again if I ever decide I want to see Winnipeg, or they come to Vancouver. Vancouver is the more likely choice.

The second time was my friend Max, I’ve mentioned him before in my post about Brno. We ended up meeting up again in Budapest for a night of jazz, karaoke and drinking. The next day we did the Turkish baths to help cure our hangovers and aching bodies. We almost met up in Bled when Max went to Zagreb but I told him Slovenia was more his alley with all the hiking possibilities. Max has for sure become a good friend to me and I hope he moves back to Portland after living in the UK, because I will for sure be visiting Portland in the future.

Last, but not least, were the girls I left last night. 3 girls from Norwich, England. It’s on the bump in England, I didn’t even know England had a bump. I met them my first morning in Bled and spent the next three days adventuring around the area. They were definitely much needed friends as I was facing quite the heartbreak at the time. Being with these 3 got me out of bed every morning and usually into the mountains. Fortunately our nights in Graz over crossed and we caught up over dinner and cards for one night. This is another situation where I’m hopeful to see them again because I’ve told them Vancouver’s the only part of Canada worth seeing and I would also like to do a UK tour one day. I’ve been to Wales and England but not over to Ireland or Scotland yet. Plus I’m told I’ll fit right in in Brighton.

Yes going home is scary and wonderful. But saying goodbye to all these amazing people every few days can really get you down. Never knowing if you’ll ever see someone again as you hug goodbye and say you will, it pulls at the heart strings.


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