Bedroom Etiquette

Now I’ve been pretty lucky all things considered. I’ve stayed in 13 hostels so far and could only complain about people in 2 of them. There’s just certain unspoken rules you should follow when staying in a dorm room. And when some people act as if they’re by themselves in a room with 11 others trying to sleep, something needs to be said.

1. If you’re coming in late, never turn the light on. This happened to me in Lake Como. I was in a 4 bed dorm but it was just me and some other guy. Then all of a sudden the light turns on at 1 am because a couple is checking in. This couple then proceeded to unpack their bags and chat to each other for about 30 minutes. Yes they turned the light off, but they’d already done the damage of awakening us. They then didn’t make any effort at being quiet to allow us fall back asleep until they were crawling in bed. Not acceptable.

2. Sometimes it’s better to be slightly loud and quick over creeping around slowly trying not to make any noise for 20 minutes. Everything you do will be louder at night. Just get er done.

3. Coming home late after drinking. We all do it. You’re in a hostel, it’s expected that people are partying. But not everyone. So when coming home late, finish up the conversation with your mates before entering the room. Once you’re in, your phone light works best, bedside lamps are usually really bright and will blind you. Just keep your phone pointed at the floor, putting it upside down lights up the whole room.

4. Getting changed in the dark. If you know you’re going out late, leave your pjs in your pillow. It’s wonderful, because you’ll never find anything in your suitcase at night. And no one can see you if you change at your bed in the dark. Or just sleep in your clothes as I have many times. Just remember to take off your shoes.

5. Treat others as you wish to be treated. You’ll be really thankful of those who can get up for their 6 am train without causing a ruckus after you came in at 4. If you wake them up they’ll be less inclined to let you sleep peacefully. Remember that as you’re climbing the stairs drunk.

6. The door. After that french couple in Como fell asleep I woke up again. And you know what? They’d left the door open. Now you should never slam the doors, some slam shut, so hold it as it closes. Some need to be closed, so make sure you hear the click. But never leave it open while you go to the bathroom or run back in for ten minutes to grab all your stuff. Generally the hallways are noisy and sound drifts in to wake everyone up even if you’re being quiet.

Just try and remember what it was like when you came in late to your parents house but you didn’t want them to realize the time. So you ease the door shut and tip toe around. Don’t really bother changing and brush your teeth in the dark. If you hear “honey, is that you?” You know you’ve failed the nights mission. Those roommates are your parents, some may not care, but some of them will make your life miserable. They will bang their lockers instead of pots, turn the lights on and open the windows. It’s just as bad as having the blankets ripped off when you’re all snugly and warm. Respect, people!

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