Czech me out: Brno edition.

20140731-151625-54985258.jpgI really had no plans when I set out to Brno. I had read that it was an upcoming city in the Czech Republic and it was cheap. I was a little down and out since I could barely eat or talk after piercing my tongue but five minutes in my hostel I met Max.

He was the only other person in my room who spoke English so it was a perfect match. We went out and climbed to the top of the castle/prison and then down to the city center to see the Cock Clock. We also hiked over to the cathedral. That night was the bohemian jazz festival, which wasn’t really jazz.

We decided on a road trip the next day since we’d covered all of Brno in one day and found these caves that were a 20 minute train ride away. They’re called Pukka Caves or Macocha Abyss. The tours were all in English but they gave us english pamphlets to follow along with the rest of the group. It’s strongly recommended booking in advance or arriving early. We arrived at 11 and when we finished out your by 12, the tours were sold out for the day.

We hiked to the next town of Sloup to see their cathedral and then caught the bus back to the train. Along the way a storm appeared and I lost my wallet. Losing your wallet could be a major set back but for some reason it wasn’t a big issue to me. My hostel receptionist called the bus company and no one had turned it on so I called home and got my cards cancelled. I only had to go three days with a credit card and thankfully since I was in Czech Republic my Euros were in my suitcase.

All in all, Brno is an up and coming tourist destination for Germans and Czechs, not so much backpackers. The people, though most can’t speak much english, were incredibly nice though. One boy helped us find the bus in Blansko, another carried my suitcase up the stairs in the train station. If you’re up for an adventure, I recommend it.



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