My 5 must do’s in Copenhagen

I just spent 3 nights in Copenhagen and I think it’s the first city I’ve truly explored. The bus system was great and got us all over the city. But I also had a Denmark native showing me around and explaining everything too so that was a bonus. So of course I got there and we went and saw:

1. The Little Mermaid. She is a very famous character by Hans Christian Anderson, or remade by Disney. I found out in the real one she dies because she gave her heart instead of her voice like the Disney one. I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up, she’s tiny. And when I was there, there was graffiti on her boobs. Also her head has been sawed off three times. But she is the main attraction of Copenhagen so you can’t not visit her. It’s best to go in the evening because during the day there will be lines to get a picture with her.

2. Tivoli Gardens. Now I’m a big fan of amusement parks and was pretty upset I didn’t make it to Liseberg in Gothenburg so I knew I had too. If rides aren’t for you, you can still pay to enter and see the gardens and restaurants all inside the park. I was pretty upset to see that Passenger was playing the day after I visited but they have live acts all the time. The best ride is for sure The Demon, corkscrews and loop-d-loops. But the gardens are beautiful and there’s an aquarium in there too.

3. The round tower. This is just different. I’ve climbed up church towers with the terrifying stairs before but never a tiled ramp to the top. Apparently the king who built it didn’t want to walk up it, he wanted his carriage to pull him up. It’s located in the center of town so you can see all the sites from the top of this tower which is pretty neat. There’s also a library halfway up that you can check out. It costs 25 krones to climb or $4.80 Canadian.

4. Christiania. Have you ever heard of it? I hadn’t. But then again my moms the one who told me about Copenhagen and she may not have wanted me there. It’s a city within the city. Christiania was built in the late 60s by hippies who wanted out of society. I was a little skeptical because the Main Street in named Pusher Street because of the huts where “pushers” sell various drugs. But other then that the rest of the town was very peaceful. They had restaurants and only allowed bikes inside. There’s also a stage where different acts perform in the summer. In the middle there’s a beautiful lake making it all the more peaceful. It sounds crazy and the drugs aren’t legal, the police will occasionally raid Christiania and arrest all the pushers. But it’s their way of life so it just starts back up once they’re released. If visiting, you need an open mind. There’s also a no picture rule for obvious reasons, pushers.

5. The Palace. You cant go to a country with royalty and not see how the royals live. The Danish royalty seem quite relaxed, they just live like kings because the Danish people vote to keep them around. The crown Prince and his Tasmanian wife have 4 children and live in one palace, the queen lives next door with her French husband in the next palace. And then there’s two other ones. They have guards that have multiple outfits and look unhappy in all of them. But when you’re forced to wear those black fluffy hats on your head in 30 degree weather you wouldn’t be happy either.

I also strongly recommend stopping by Joe and The Juice for an amazing smoothie made by a band of men. Think Booster Juice or Jugo Juice that only hires young men. It was an experience to say the least. And my drink tasted amazing, it was called Iron Man. Also if you’re looking at shopping it’s on a street named Stroget, pronounced Stroll. It has all the stores we know h&m, Abercrombie and Fitch, and then some European and Danish stores. Just a word of advice, Scandinavia really is that much more expensive. 100 krones is a sale where that’s $20 Canadian, not a sale in my eyes.

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