A birthday in Belgium

The next stop on my trip has taken me over to belgium. It should’ve been 2 days but I waited to long to buy my Eurostar ticket and they became expensive. None the less, I arrived on Tuesday at 11:30 in Brussels midi. And let me tell you it was nothing that I was expecting. I knew they spoke Flemish and French but I didn’t realize it was to the extent that there was nothing written in English anywhere, even the train station. Lucky for me, I have 12 years of French immersion under my belt or I would’ve been freaking out.

After activating my Eurail pass I hoped the train to bruss. nord to check into my hostel. After some confusion, I checked in and ditched my bags and decided to go to Ghent. I don’t know what I did but I did not get where I wanted too. I got off at Ghent sint-Pierre and there was nothing around. Needless to say I ate some fries and went back to the hostel. I met up with some Americans and we went to a bar called Celtica. It was amazing for the fact that they had a list of beers that were €2. Belgium won the game and there was a lot of French singing, drinking and cheering until 2 am.

The next day was my birthday so I went on the walking tour to try and meet more people to come out that night with me. And I met the greatest people, a lot of Canadians and a few Americans. The tour was an hour and a half and covered the majority of Brussels, or at least it felt like it. Our tour guide Yassar from Venezuela was very enthusiastic and informative. Later we took a beer tour which I wasn’t as enthusiastic about. I’m not a big beer drinker and the beers were all strong and strange to me.

At night all of us went to the famous Delirium. This bar has a selection of over 3000 beers and is 3 stories. I only tasted a few but my favorite was by far the cherry beer because it didn’t taste like beer. Across the street was also an absinthe bar so this alley was crawling with drunk party goers. The night ended with 2am Greek food. It was awesome.



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