Cardiff Castle

I decided to venture out from Barry to the great Cardiff castle. Usually I’m not big on museums, tour guides droning on about things that happened hundreds of years ago with the odd dry joke thrown in to bring back your attention. But I gotta say, Cardiff Castle was not that. It’s straight from the main train station and bus station by a couple blocks, very easy to find. It was £12 per adult and you were given a map and a headset that would explain the history as you walked around at different stations. There was also a short film that I opted out of watching for fear of falling asleep. For £3 more you could have a guide inside the castle apartments and see more than the designated 6 rooms.

I stated out in the basement where there was a war memorial piece. Different outfits, medals and blurbs on how Wales aided other countries in battle. I was pleasantly surprised to see they’d come to Canada during the war of 1812 to fight the USA. It stated underneath that Wales and Canada have a strong bond to this day.

After heading outside, I entered an extremely creepy hallway with war propaganda and scenes displayed all through it, the windows were blocked and loud whiny music played. I felt like I was in a scene out of Pretty Little Liars and the murderer was crossing in front and behind me whenever I turned around. It opened up to stairs that led to the second floor and up along the wall of the castle. There’s beautiful views out over Cardiff but the best are from The Mound. While the stairs were narrow and steep, if at the castle you can not skip the Mound.
Theres also a bird sanctuary at the bottom with a peacock in it. A man with a bird of prey may also be wondering around for you to hold and take pictures with.

The castle apartments are also quite amazing. I didn’t follow the history though, just looked and took pictures. That was the end of my day. The only other place I went was the park surrounding the castle. I don’t know if it’s just me but there was a circling of rocks and I felt like I would run into some fairies in there. It was quite a beautiful day.



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