London in a day

Since coming to the UK, I’ve been told that Canadians only need one day to see something. And by something I mean cities. So when I was presented with a free day and decided on London, even though Sally told me how big of a city London is, she ended with:

well you are Canadian.

This is a stereotype I hadn’t heard of before coming here. I’m wondering if it’s everyone’s thoughts of us Canadians or just the English. Or just Sally, seeing as she is in a league of her own. I know all countries have stereotypes but I always thought Canadians were polite and said sorry to the point of exhaustion. We also clean up our own riots in Vancouver which is unheard of anywhere else in the world, but if we don’t, who will?

Anyways I did make it through what I wanted to see. I got off the train at Waterloo and after trying to figure out the exit for a while I ended up at the base of the London Eye. And from there I used my Trip Advisor offline app to open a map sans wifi. Which was very handy and didn’t peg me as an immediate tourist which I hate.
Surprisingly enough, everything is right there at first. Big Ben and Westminster abbey are right over the bridge. I didn’t go inside because I didn’t feel like paying for anything that day. I walked along down the street and turned in at the Horse Guards, which I later found out is where they had Olympic volleyball during the 2012 Olympics. I spent an hour leisurely relaxing in St. James park before heading out to buckingham palace. It was pretty lame. I thought the guards were on the street not inside the gates, it was all very upsetting. I crossed through the park and decided to head to the British Museum.

Now if any of you have been to London, you’ll know the British museum is on the other side of town from where I was at Buckingham Palace. Also, being from a grid city didn’t help me in the least with reading the maps all across town. So with 30 minutes left until closing, after an hour and a half of wandering, I found the museum. It was beautiful. Massive, and I didn’t see everything but beautiful none the less. My favorite part was in the Egyptian part of the museum, an old man grunted and pointed at himself and said “Korean.” When I said “Canadian” he looked at his wife, and repeated. So I tried “Canada” and together in unison they went “aaaah Canada.” He was probably trying to guess my nationality since I don’t particularly look like any race.

After the museum closed I made my way back to the river Thames. I knew all I needed was to see the Eye looming over the city to find my station. I sat and ate lunch under the London Eye before heading in since I’d boughten an Off Peak ticket to save a couple pounds. I just needed to wait until 7pm, after rush hour, before getting back on the train to Winchester. A solid 6 hours and I feel I’ve been there done that. Must be a Canadian thing.


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