There really are baths in Bath

I was quite pleasantly surprised that England has named the cities appropriately. When I was in Germany , every town name ended with Baden but none of them have bathes in the center of town. Turns out the Romans built these baths on volcanic hot springs so that they are warm. You may drink the spa water, but it’ll taste like 100 year old rotten eggs.

I’ve also been given quite the history lessons from the lady I’m staying with. It’s fascinating how much she knows about random facts and I aspire to do the same in my old age. It seems like every where I drive is a place a famous person died. Like yesterday we drove past a hill and I was informed that’s where Tessa of the D’Urbervilles was hung, around the corner is where Jane Austen died in poverty. They also have all these mounds in the ground where people have been buried. They’d build houses and such for them so that they could pass to the other side nicely. In one of these mounds, a king was buried in a ship, and it was fairly far away from any water. Which means these poor servants/workers would’ve had to drag this ship miles and miles to where the king wanted to be buried.
We drove past Stonehenge today on the way into Bath. No stopping for a bunch of rocks no one knows what they’re for. You’re not even aloud to climb on them anymore. There’s nothing there either, no bathrooms or tourist shops. Just the rocks.
They’re a crazy people, but I find myself listening to every tidbit and storing it for later.


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